pork bone broth, chashu, ajitama, woodear mushroom, scallion,nori, pepper


condensed pork bone dipping broth, chashu, ajitama, nori, lime,nori, pepper


pork bone broth, soy sauce blend, chashu, ajitama, menma,
scallion, nori, pepper


chicken shoyu broth, chashu, ajitama, menma, scallion,
white onion, nori, pepper


pork bone broth, miso blend, goma pork, ajitama, scallion, napa cabbage, bean sprout


soy and mushroom broth, tofu, brussels sprouts, corn, menma,
woodear mushroom, greens

How to Ramen

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How to Ramen

Try with chopsticks first! We have training chopsticks available upon request.

How to Ramen

Sip the broth before digging into your noodles. Allow the steam to waft into your face and savor the smell; feel it run down your spine.

How to Ramen

Finish all the noodles before they get soggy! Yes, they do get soggy.

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Tsuta, Tokyo, Japan

Recently, Michelin released their 2016 guide to the best food you can find in Tokyo, and for the first time, a ramen restaurant was awarded a Michelin star.

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Some Insights

This startup wants to do the impossible: make healthy instant ramen.

What It Takes to Make 400 Bowls of Ramen From Scratch • Tasty

What peoples say about us

Jessica C Hilliard
Local Guide·28 reviews·155
“#1 was a safe but fully satisfying choice; add an extra egg – they’re an underrated star of the show. A side of sweet+sour Brussels and hibiscus tea with sake shot rounds a perfect meal.”
Hannah V
Local Guide·18 reviews 1,290
“Hands down the best ramen I’ve had! The broth has so much flavor it’s practically a crime to leave any behind in the bowl. Miso-Hot customized to your preference is my go-to!”
Andres Aguilar
Local Guide· 462 reviews·2,757
“The locations in Austin are my favorite ramen spots and this one’s no different. I highly recommend the chashu pork bowl. You won’t go wrong with any of their ramens.”

The Hottest Ramen Quotes

1. A cup of instant ramen can keep the blues away.
2. A life without purpose is like ramen without noodles.
3. A warm bowl of ramen is all we need.